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We offer

Treatments and solutions to alleviate pain and common foot problems.

Don’t live with pain. Book an appointment and let’s get rid of it.

We offer

Treatments and solutions to alleviate pain and common foot problems.

Don’t live with pain. Book an appointment and let’s get rid of it.

Most biomechanical issues causing foot and ankle pain can be completely resolved in our office

Common Problems

When you suffer from a foot and/orankle problem, the pain and discomfort can make it a challenge to engage in simple, daily activities.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot and ankle pain can be extremely distracting and uncomfortable, and some conditions may require surgery.

Sport and Dance

Special patient groups require intensive and constant care to keep their feet and bodies healthy. We advise many different types

All Our Services

Foot, toe, or ankle pain can be severe and it can interfere with your ability to walk, stand, work, or do the activities that you enjoy.

A Proven Track Record of Correcting Foot Pain in Perth Patients

At the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic, we know that there are often a variety of causes of foot and ankle pain, and each must be addressed to solve your problem for good.

Meet Our Team

Dr Lee Gray

Podiatric Surgeon

Dr Tanita Marsh


Dr Kate Thrussell


Dr Lauren Kemp


Dr  Sruti Panda


Dr Andrew Schox


Dr Kate Harrison


Case Histories

Our successes allow us to continue to provide excellent service to foot pain patients. View our case results page to see how we have treated athletic injuries, flat feet, bunions, skin and nail problems, foot deformities, foot ulcers, and other podiatric injuries.

What We Do

The Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic was established in 1981 by Dr. Lee Gray. We currently have six podiatrists and two administrative staff members housed in a modern, state-of-the-art clinic, with ample parking on site. Our clinic has provided comprehensive podiatry care to all age groups across Western Australia since 1981. Since our practice was established, our success has allowed us to grow and expand our services, currently hosting six on-staff Perth podiatrists and a variety of the most advanced techniques and equipment to treat foot and ankle pain.

Free Book

Free Foot Surgery Book by Podiatric Surgeon, Dr Lee Gray.
This book was created to demonstrate examples of some foot conditions that can be surgically corrected by our Podiatric Surgeon, Dr Lee Gray.

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