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A little information can go a long way! Our articles that are written by expert Perth podiatrists provides vital information about common foot injuries, treatments, and complications, allowing patients to be fully informed when they begin their treatment. Browse or search through our library today!

Stretching for Tendinitis

If you google the term ‘tendinitis treatment’ one of the commonest pieces of advice is to ‘stretch’ the affected tendon and surrounding muscles. This might sound good in theory but can actually be detrimental in getting your tendon better. Tendinitis is now better...

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In Toed Gait

In-toed Gait (Pigeon Toed) – Causes and Treatment What is intoed (or in toed or intoeing) gait? An intoed gait (where the toes point inwards) when walking and running is quite common in children. In some cases this is part of normal development and other times not. A...

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Growing Pains In Children

Just like adults, children suffer from aches and pains in the legs too. Growing pains in children are quite common, and treatment options are available. This article describes growing pains, how this condition is diagnosed, and what can be done about it. Definition...

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Fungal Nail Infections

See our podiatrists at the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic for information about and treatment of fungal nail infections. Introduction/Definition Fungal infections of the nails (technically known as onychomycosis or tinea unguim) are quite common, affecting up to 10% of...

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Common Foot Injuries of Dancers

Dancers are a special type of athlete whose art form is physically rigorous. They possess extraordinary physical attributes and abilities; the feet and ankles comprise just one region of the body where this is true. Foot and ankle injuries make up approximately 50-70%...

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