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Our podiatrists can provide both conservative and surgical treatments, and advise patients on their best options for recovery every step of the way. Find out how we help children, seniors, athletes, and all other patients find relief from persistent pain.

Common Problems

When you suffer from a foot and/or ankle problem, the pain and discomfort can make it a challenge to engage in simple, daily activities. When the pain disrupts your life, you need to contact a skilled, experienced podiatrist to get resolution.

The podiatrists at the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic offer a variety of treatment options for many common foot and ankle conditions, including Achilles tendon injuries, ankle sprains, flat foot and clavus foot, and bunions and ingrown toenails. Their primary concern is the health of their patients’ feet and ankles, and they use advanced equipment and work with other professionals, including trainers and physical therapists, to ensure a successful outcome. To discuss your foot and ankle pain, contact our Booragoon office at 08 9316 3010.

Foot and ankle pain can be extremely distracting and uncomfortable, and some conditions may require surgery. If your foot or ankle problem requires surgical treatment, you want experienced, skilled care from a podiatric surgeon.

The Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic offers a complete range of surgical treatments for the feet, ranging from minor procedures to correct ingrown toenails to more complex corrective and reconstructive surgery for bunions, neuromas, and problems with the middle and back of the foot. Our team of podiatrists is committed to improving our patients’ quality of life by providing thorough, superior foot and ankle care. For more information or to discuss your concerns in more detail, contact our Booragoon office today at 08 9316 3010.

Special patient groups require intensive and constant care to keep their feet and bodies healthy. We advise many different types of professional and amateur athletes, including runners, football players, and ballet dancers, on managing foot and ankle injuries. From biomechanical issues and footwear choices to the treatment of soft tissue injuries, we can help you overcome your sport and dance injuries.

Foot, toe, or ankle pain can be severe and it can interfere with your ability to walk, stand, work, or do the activities that you enjoy. However, you may not have to live with this type of pain and inconvenience. Instead, you can learn about your different treatment options.

The experienced foot doctors at the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic provide many different services to our patients. After a proper diagnosis, we may suggest and provide biomechanical therapies (such as custom insoles or stretching advice), skin and nail care, physical therapies, wound care, regular monitoring of the feet or legs, or surgery.