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General Podiatry

General podiatry assessment involves examining the nails, skin, foot structure and the general health of your feet.

Podiatrist WomanToenails may be affected by a wide range of conditions. Common nail conditions that we see are fungal nails, thickened nails (often caused by trauma or fungal infection), and ingrowing nails. Insert hyperlinks to other pages….

Corns and callosities are common skin conditions that we encounter. Podiatrists are able to remove these painlessly for you. For more information please refer to corns/callous page link

Plantar warts are a skin lesion caused by the human papiloma virus. It infects the skin layers- usually after trauma or a cut in the skin. They can present in clusters. They can be confused with corns and other skin lesions and can be difficult to treat so it is important to get an early diagnosis and treatment plan from your podiatrist.

Tinea is a fungal skin infection that infects the outer layers of the skin. It commonly presents between the toes but can affect anywhere on the feet. The most common presentation is dry, scaly skin. It can form small pustules that dry out. Tinea may or may not be itchy. It can be confused with dry skin if it affects the plantar foot area.

Podiatrists are trained in assessing, treating and managing all of these conditions. Many people require help with nail and skin care due to poor mobility or the inability to self care for difficult nail and skin conditions. It is especially important to have help with these if you have health conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease (poor blood flow) or reduced sensation.

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