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Sport and Dance

Special Care for Perth Patients Suffering From Sport and Dance Injuries

Daily life can take a toll on everyone’s feet, but days that are filled with long practice hours and hard physical training are especially hard on the body. Running, jumping, and strenuous exercise routines place a high toll on the legs, joints, and ankles, and the feet are often damaged by absorbing the full impact of the body.Our podiatrists have seen many different kinds of injuries that athletes have suffered as a result of doing what they love most. However, we don’t believe that pain is “just part of the life” of an athlete. We have been able to relieve many chronic conditions and severe injuries caused by ballet dancing, professional sports, and extreme amateur competitions. Call the number on this page today to tell us about your condition and to schedule your appointment.

Our Booragoon Podiatrists Can Get You Back in the Game

Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to elite and amateur runners, triathletes, dancers, football players, hockey player, skaters, and all other athletes who are struggling with a sports injury. Our six on-staff podiatrists can provide immediate and long-term relief of sprains, strains, fractures, tendinitis, and a variety of other foot and ankle injuries. Our treatments always begin with conservative interventions and immobility, but our specialists are also experienced in surgical repair and reconstruction.


We help you live, work, and play to the best of your ability using: 

Protecting the Livelihoods of Perth Sport and Dance Patients

At the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic, we are proud to provide intervention, rehabilitation, and preventive care for people who make a living on their feet. We are one of the few local podiatry practices that have specific experience in ballet dance injuries and sport mechanics, and believe in the following process to get maximum results:  

  • Intervention. Our treatments begin with a thorough biomechanical assessment, ensuring that we are taking the best course of action to resolve your pain and instability. Our specialized equipment allows us to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort due to the structures of your feet andlegs,and can examine your gait for further causes of pain. We work to relieve your pain as quickly as possible by offering injections and medical laser treatments for musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Optimizing mobility. Not only do we work to maximize your range of motion, our methods allow you to get the most out of the mobility that you have now. We work with professional trainers and physical therapists as part of our rehabilitation services, helping you avoid a second injury or aggravation of your condition as you heal.
  • Preventing future injuries. We have both pre- and post-treatment screenings available to ensure that your gait, footwear, and training methods are all in harmony to prevent as many future injuries as possible. We also create custom orthotics and braces to ease the strain on your feet, protecting your ability to perform in the future.

Our clinic is pleased to provide podiatric treatment to Western Australia patients of all ages. If you have been suffering from a sport-related injury, please contact our office today! Use our easy online contact form or call the number on this page to speak to a member of our medical staff.

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