Do You Suffer From Bunions, Neuromas, or Toe Deformities? Contact Our Booragoon Office to Learn the Best Surgical Procedures for All Your Foot and Ankle Needs

All the podiatrists at the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic are qualified (and competent) to perform minor surgical procedures of the feet. Examples include the correction of ingrown toenails and the removal of skin lesions, such as warts. Podiatric Surgeons are specialist podiatrists, who undergo extensive additional training in surgery.

Foot Surgery

Dr. Lee Gray has been a podiatric surgeon since 1986, and performs a wide variety of surgical procedures of the foot. Examples include:

  • Correction of bunions
  • Correction of toe deformities
  • Removal of neuromas
  • Removal of bony lumps (for example, on the back of the heel)
  • And other procedures…

You do not need a referral to see a podiatric surgeon. If you come in to see Lee for a surgical opinion, please remember to bring in any old x-rays that you have of your feet.