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Skin and Nail Care

At the Perth Foot and Ankle Clinic we are happy to manage your toenail and skin care. Using sterilised insrtuments our podiatrists can trim and file toenails, reduce thickness and clear nail edges smoothly. We can debrided excess hard skin and treat corns. Our podiatrists can recommend various foot creams and treatmets to suit your needs. Some of these include antifungal skin creams or sprays, Eulactol or Restorate foot creams, Nemidon hydrating gel or Duofilm wart treatment.

If you have any concerns with the appearance of your toenails or skin, then it is best to seek a professional opinion. For example, redness, peeling skin and itchy feet could indicate a fungal skin infection (athletes foot or tinea pedis). Other lumps and bumps may be benign or sinister, it is best to check your feet on a daily basis for any changes in appearnce.

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