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Laser Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections

Laser Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections

Are you tired of having unattractive and discoloured nails caused by fungal nail infection?

We are proud to announce that we now offer laser treatment for fungal nail infections at our Booragoon clinic.

We have chosen to use the Fox laser, manufactured by A.R.C. Laser. This is a powerful class 4 medical laser, which we believe to be the current best option for the treatment of fungal nail infections.

As part of a comprehensive treatment program, nail laser therapy offers a convenient, painless way to get rid of your nail fungus. Success rates of above 70% have been reported.

How does the Fox laser – fungal nail laser treatment work?

The laser light penetrates the nail and heats up the nail bed underneath. This kills both the fungus and its spores.

It also stimulates the activity of white blood cells which attack the fungi and help the body to cure the infection.

How we use the Fox laser treatment for fungal nail infection

Before treatment, we perform a thorough assessment of your suitability for this treatment. We assess your risks, including whether you have adequate sensation in your feet, your medical history and the likelihood of successful treatment and/or recurrence.

During each treatment session, we pass the laser light around and over your nail in a grid-like pattern. We make 2 or more passes over each nail, and work out a total amount of laser energy applied to each nail based on size and other factors.

You will feel heat from the laser, but this does not burn the skin or nails. We make sure that you are comfortable during the treatment process.

Once the treatment is over, there is nothing special you need to do to the nails, and you can resume normal activities immediately.

How many laser treatment will I need?

This depends upon the severity of the infection (we will classify and document the severity during your first consultation). Typically 2 to 4 treatments are required over the course of 2 to 3 months. Nails grow very slowly so it can take up to a year for the nail to look completely normal again.


  • The procedure is safe
  • No anaesthesia is required
  • There are no usual side effects
  • There is no visible change to the nail or skin
  • After the procedure:
    • Socks and shoes can be used immediately
    • Nail polish can be applied
    • There is no “recovery period”. You can resume normal activities immediately

Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

 Our point of difference

Fungal nail infections can be difficult to treat and may recur in the future (you can read more about fungal nail infections here, and other causes of abnormal looking nails here). For this reason, we tailor a comprehensive treatment program which starts before your first laser treatment and continues afterwards in order to maximise success and prevent recurrence. Our goal is to manage your fungal nail infection over the long term.

Want to know more?

Call us today for more details about laser treatment for fungal nail infection and to make a booking for assessment and treatment.