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5 reasons why you should consider the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic for orthotics

5 reasons why you should consider the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic for orthotics

Customised orthotics (also known as orthoses) are used to treat a variety of foot and leg problems, as well as being used to optimise function in the athlete. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider The Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic for orthotics.

1. Individualised care

Perth Custom Made Podiatrist OrthoticsCustom orthotics are tailor made to fit your recovery or other goals, so whether you just want to be rid of pain, or are trying to improve in your sport, we can work with your individual needs.

2. Professional assessment

We keep up with developments in the field, and have the best tools and techniques in order to assess your needs.

3. State of the art equipment

Perth Foot OrthoticsWe use the latest equipment, like our Bodytech gait analysis treadmill. We also use optical scanners to obtain accurrate models of your feet. We can assess your gait, muscle function, balance, posture and more.

4. Choice of orthotic design

Orthoses are not one size fits all. We use more than one orthotic laboratory, and this means we can produce a great variety of orthotic designs and materials to get the best solution.

5. Follow up care

We follow up all our orthotic patients in order to make sure everything is going as it should be. Sometimes we tweak them to get better results. Often, orthotic therapy is part of a bigger treatment plan, and we may offer additional, adjunctive treatments to help get the best results. Examples include stretching and exercise regimes, mobilisations, trigger point therapy and laser therapy. Our goal is to fix your current problems and work with you into the future to keep you at your best.

See us today for prompt, professional, customised orthotic care at the Perth Foot & Ankle Clinic.

Pros and Cons of Custom Orthotics versus Off-The-Shelf Orthotics

Pros and Cons of Custom Orthotics versus Off-The-Shelf Orthotics

There are many reasons your podiatrist will recommend extra support for your feet.  A few common reasons include management of foot pain, balancing high-pressure areas, supporting feet that roll excessively inwards (pronating) or outwards (supinating).

Shoes OrthoticsThere are two choices when deciding on the type of orthotic to fit

  • Custom orthotics (prescribed and fitted by your podiatrist)
  • Inserts that are pre-made (also known as off-the-shelf orthotics)

Off-the-shelf orthotics are usually matched to your shoe size and then trimmed to fit. They offer a generic arch profile and offer heel support.  They come in a variety of materials, are relatively low cost and easily available. You can expect them to last around 6-12 months depending on the quality of materials used. They can be beneficial when you have a ‘classic’ foot shape, with symmetry between both feet and no major biomechanical concerns.

Custom orthotics are individualized and made to your feet and shoes. They can incorporate specific support and control features that are not included in off-the-shelf orthotics. Your podiatrist will measure and prescribe your orthotics, which are then made by an orthotic laboratory. Different shoes can require a unique fitting, such as boots, dress shoes, sneakers, football boots, heels and even ice skates! With a variety of material choices your individual needs and biomechanical factors can be addressed. Due to the uniqueness of these orthotics, the process is usually takes 1-2 weeks and the cost is greater than off-the-shelf. On average they provide longer foot health benefits (some are over 5 years old!).

Perth Foot Orthotics

It is best to speak with your podiatrist when deciding on which option is best for your feet and overall wellbeing.

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